A Positive Impact on Construction Site Difficulties

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The construction industry is a difficult place to be. With companies going out of business, health and safety of prime importance, and the shortage of skills and projects going over budget being well-documented, those in the industry have a lot to deal with. But perhaps a few little changes could make a huge positive impact.

One of major difficulties that the construction industry is facing is excessive waste. The “Rethinking Construction Report” from the Construction Task Force cites research undertaken which suggests that 10% of materials are wasted on sites, 30% of work that takes place in construction is actually re-work, labour is used at only 40-60% of its potential efficiency and accidents account for 3-6% of total job costs. Furthermore, a survey conducted by Cornerstone Projects revealed that 85% of companies had experienced delays on recent construction jobs.

It’s not new to report that a large proportion of construction projects experience delays, but when a number of negative factors all come together it paints a worrying picture. However, if just some of these issues could be solved the knock on effect would be significant. For example, if productivity could be increased then budgets would automatically come down.

But how do you increase productivity? Well a great start point is re-evaluating how workforces are managed. For example, reviewing what procedures are in place and how they’re monitored.

A workforce management system, like the one we provide at Biosite, can make a massive difference. At its most basic level it allows companies to register all operatives before they even set foot on site. This means it’s possible to determine each operative’s suitability for the role they’ll be doing in advance through such things as health and safety screenings and CSCS card checking. This saves a wealth of time. Operatives are also walked through general site health and safety procedures via an online portal, meaning that once again a very important task is completed off site, eliminating the time normally needed for this vital process.

Another way that savings can be made on construction sites is through generally reviewing health and safety procedures, such as how sites are protected against the issue of fire damage. The HSE states “Each year there are a number of serious fires on construction sites and buildings undergoing refurbishment. Many could be avoided by careful planning and control of work activities.” Reflecting upon on the 30% of work that is actually re-work, some of that has to be related to fire, and the costs involved here can be huge. Zurich Insurance estimates that fires on construction sites cost £400m per annum.*

Biosite provides a Wireless Fire Alarm incorporated with First Aid Call Points. Not only does this device in itself help to stop the damage that fire can cause, but it is also integrated with Biosite’s Workforce Management System to provide a smooth flow of information, giving those in charge a whole site safety and security solution.

With key features such as true de-duplication of workers through fingerprint matching, GDPR friendly usage, an EN54 rated fire alarm and fully customisable software, there is no reason today for wastage to be so high on construction sites. Good management can’t solve every problem, but it can dramatically reduce issues and highlight areas of concern through detailed reporting, putting control back in the hands of those who need it.

For more information on how Biosite could help you manage your sites, please contact us on 0121 374 2939 or email nick.hickman@biositesystems.com.


*HSE Fire Safety in Construction Review, Nov 2011