GDPR for Construction Projects

GDPR for Construction Projects

With GDPR soon to come into force, all companies need to review how they manage their data.

Biosite can help you solve problems that present GDPR challenges, such as dealing with data for a transient workforce, limiting data availability and avoiding duplicate and paper-based information.

Challenges in Construction

With years of experience supporting customers with their data management, Biosite is in the perfect position to help. Our unique profiles and proactive software development means we can provide the right tools to help make sure you meet all the requirements of the new regulation.

Unique Profiles in Biosite


Unique Profiles

Designed and built specifically for the construction industry, Biosite uses fingerprint recognition to ensure every operative has a unique profile that’s linked to any site and company that operative works for.



Using Biosite to Manage GDPR Compliance

Biosite provides an electronic, centralised storage of records all accessed through a simple to use online portal. No matter how many sites you have, this set-up and the power of our unique profiles makes it very easy to manage.

GDPR in Biosite

Just some of the features include:

  • Customisable data protection statements can be added to the on-site registration process to make sure that data usage policies are clearly communicated
  • Adding in an option to require consent to collect the biometric (fingerprint) data, and an option to withdraw that consent
  • Online functions to support operatives’ rights to access, change, delete and export areas of their personal data, and this will then be transmitted to all sites
  • Allowing operatives to have personal logins that allow them to manage their data directly, giving them full control

Compliance with the new regulation will be imperative to avoid what could be costly implications.

At Biosite we’re working very hard with all our customers to ensure that we provide them with the right tools that will help them to comply through very easy to manage processes.

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