Biosite Facial Recognition for construction has been developed to support sites looking for a convenient, contactless access control system utilising the latest biometric technology.

Designed by our in-house experts to seamlessly integrate with existing Biosite Access Control systems, Biosite Facial Recognition for construction delivers the same high-performance benefits expected from all our solutions. 

Biosite Facial Recognition for construction is completely contactless, with no secondary authentication required and features optional integrated temperature measurement.

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Completely contactless access control mechanism – with no secondary authentication required

Integrates seamlessly with existing Biosite Access Control products and systems

Follows Biosite’s tried and tested access control workflow for data integrity and group level visibility

Developed by Biosite’s in-house product team for full traceability and evolutionary control

Straightforward upgrade process for existing Biosite customers

Facial matching in <0.2s using a high-precision face recognition algorithm*

‘Off device’ data capture and facial matching for additional security

Optional integrated temperature measurement feature

Utilises ‘one to many’ rather than ‘one to one’ facial template matching, for improved accuracy**

Integrated anti-spoofing features

*dependent on the number of people enrolled and the specification of the purchased system **items covering the face, such as face masks, could have an impact on the accuracy of the system and may need to be removed briefly during the facial matching process

Enhanced security and accuracy

As with all Biosite products, operative data is stored in a secure on-site server, rather than locally on the camera device. This improves data security and means operative data is collected and visible at both a site and group level. 

For increased accuracy, the system uses ‘one to many’ facial matching and the matching process is also completed remotely, ‘off device’, for additional security.

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Working with Biosite

We work collaboratively with our customers to provide a tailored solution; becoming trusted partners and giving them peace of mind they are in control of their sites.

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