Meet the Build UK Training Standard with Biosite’s Smart Credentials

Biosite’s latest software release includes its brand new Smart Credentials feature which has been purposefully designed to help customers meet the Build UK Training Standard.

Smart Credentials allows for fields to be configured during the registration process of Biosite’s Online Induction to verify whether workers have the appropriate credentials for the work they’ll be doing. If the right information isn’t selected, it can then prevent an operative from further completing the induction at that point.

The information isn’t just uploaded, it’s fully checked against the online CITB database so that each and every card is properly verified. Further questions can also be asked to establish any health or right to work issues, and decisions can be made then and there as to whetherSmart Credentials the operative is fit for site or not.

To meet the Build UK Training Standard, all persons attending construction sites must have a card carrying the CSCS logo, and no equivalents will be accepted. Biosite’s software now not only helps to enforce this but also records the information against each individual operative. Utilising Biosite’s biometric access control system, this record is then totally unique to each person.

Li Wang, Managing Director of Biosite, says, “We always factor in what is happening in the real world when we develop our software. The Build UK Training Standard is very important to many of our customers and therefore we knew we had to create a feature that would support the compliance of this. It’s proving to be a very powerful tool.”

This new feature was developed after the Smart Questions feature of Biosite’s system proved to be so successful. It allows customers to customise questions to not only speed up the induction process, but also to ensure they’re getting the right information to manage their Health & Safety compliance accordingly.

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