Biosite on the BBC

In the spring, the BBC contacted us saying they were looking for a fingerprint scanner for a scene in their daytime TV Drama ‘Doctors’ and could we help. At Biosite we provide a state of the art biometric access control product and so we had just what they needed.

One of our engineering team took one of our scanners down to their set, not too far from our office. It was used to film a family having their fingerprints taken by a police officer. So a bit different to the real life use of our products on construction sites, but it still worked really well.

The episode was aired on Monday 3rd September. The Carter family were questioned at the police station and Biosite’s workforce management system was used to scan their fingerprints individually. The Biosite logo could be clearly seen throughout the fairly long scene and it was great that the ease and speed of system was so visually apparent. We were delighted.

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