Year in review: 2020 by Dr Li Wang

3 minutes

Supporting construction through COVID-19

Well, what a year it’s been. When we entered 2020, coronavirus was not on the horizon but very quickly it shaped how we as a business and the construction industry at large needed to act and adapt to navigate the challenges presented by the pandemic.

We have been nothing but inspired by how our customers have responded and risen to the challenge – dealing with immense pressure and the competing expectations of ‘keeping Britain building’ and keeping workers safe.

Keeping sites running safely is a team effort. That’s why our aim from the onset of the pandemic was clear – to support construction and stand side-by-side with the industry to help win the fight against COVID-19.

We have tried to do this by working collaboratively with our customers, to listen to their challenges and respond with tailored, flexible solutions that meet the needs of each site and business. We also worked tirelessly to develop a range of specific ‘COVID-19 Response Solutions’ to support safe working practices on site. We also felt strongly it was our responsibility to champion the role of workforce management systems and the benefits they provide – both in response to and outside the remit of managing COVID-19 transmission risk.

All in all, it has no doubt been a very challenging year, not least for construction, but through the trials and tribulations, the industry has demonstrated real resilience and the ability to adapt to change, quickly, when needed. When many were sceptical about whether the industry was capable of change.

Technology – particularly the rapid adoption and utilisation of technology – has been a crucial piece of the puzzle. Even those who might have been hesitant about the use of technology are more receptive and see the benefits more clearly – whether that’s helping adapt to new ways of working post-COVID or helping improve productivity and compliance in general.

It is therefore my hope that in years to come, this period will be remembered as a step change for the industry and a milestone in accelerating positive change.

Written by:

Li Wang

Managing Director at Biosite Systems Ltd