Why use our online Mosaic Induction Manager? It’s because we designed it with your needs in mind…

Mosaic Management Systems has focused on the construction sector and for the last decade has designed software for its clients, with their particular needs in mind. We are held in high regard with our clients and users of our products alike. Our innovative approach to problem solving in the construction industries through using cutting edge technology, means we have a great appreciation of the challenges you face daily. As testament to this we are used on a number of high profile projects by the biggest names in the industry. Mosaic Induction Manager provides a refreshing approach to delivering site inductions, that not only saves time, but also raises standards.

Mosaic Induction Manager affords Project Managers more time to get on with Project Management. This is because:

  • Time is saved carrying out inductions onsite
  • Time is saved by reduced form filling
  • Time is saved if online inductions are used
  • Time is saved by limiting repeats of inductions

An easier, faster way to induct your workers

deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two
deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two
Your employees and workforce can easily book themselves onto their preferred slot

Our software offers a much better way to induct personnel over traditional methods like spreadsheets and paper:

  • Consistency is always guaranteed
  • Repeat inductions for those late arrivals can be a thing of the past if run online
  • Diary changes and those who ‘did not show’ is now irrelevant
  • Easy to administer and view status reports
  • Workers can easily be notified about site processes and client health & safety expectations.

User friendly system offering reduced administration time because of:

  • Online record of successful inductions 
  • Online so it is always accessible
  • Cuts down on chasing contractors and own workers to attend inductions

Access from all platforms – PC, tablet or phone

The app allows you to access induction information via Smart Phone

Our individually tailored Online Site Induction process can be used on the go, 24/7 with remote induction using a Smart Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop.