Wates Case Study: Biometric Site Access and Workforce Management System

Biometric specialists Biosite Systems were selected by major construction firm Wates to provide a site access and workforce management system for their £20m Living Space development in Luton.

This large scale affordable housing development is spread across three separate sites totalling over 5km area employing 2000 workers.  Wates are known fo finding intelligent and creative ways to deliver outstanding buildings. Tbiosite-wates-case-study-logohey required an innovative solution to provide streamlined and secure access control and efficient workforce management across their three Living Space construction sites.

Biosite Systems modified their flagship biometric platform Biosite to provide Wates with a bespoke solution that met their specific site security and workforce management needs.  Biosite uses world class fingerprint matching software to provide a fast and accurate record of all site entry and exit activity.

By only using fingerprint recognition Biosite guaranteed that Wates had an accurate identification system to manage their entire workforce with greater reliability than a swipe card or PIN based method.

  • Cost efficiencies were made by eliminating the need for replacement cards or for issuing new PIN numbers.
  • The Biosite fingerprint based recognition system increased the speed of throughput ensuring workers were able to enter and exit the site quickly.
  • Workers were unable to manipulate time and attendance data by employing ‘buddy punching’ methods that can be an issue with card and pin based ID systems.

Due to the multi-site nature of the development, Wates needed workers to move easily between sites. Biosite supports both CSCS and CSPS ensuring only those with appropriate accreditation were able to gain access to the sites. In addition, Biosite Systems developed a site specific pre-induction module covering pre-defined site health and safety policies  available to workers via the internet prior to starting on site. Biosite stored this data in a cloud based platform allowing workers to move more easily between sites and delivering cost savings by eliminating double entry administration.