Virtual reality looking to improve health and safety in the construction sector

While architectural practices and design companies continue to explore the possibilities of virtual reality being incorporated into their design process, the construction and safety sectors might soon also be about to also embrace the area with a number of new products being developed.

At the CIOB and BRE industry event called ‘Accelerate to Innovate’ a number of the innovative ideas involving the use of Virtual Reality and construction were applauded by the judges. The event held showcased two products using this technology that will be able to help improve safety on construction sites as well as possibly help in the training of high risk situations.

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The first product allows wearers to conduct “real” physical tasks while fully immersed in virtual environments. It is based on relatively affordable hardware. The second product provides trainees and workers with “real-life” scenarios on high-risk jobs, as a more effective way of preparing them for work on site. Scenarios could be created to suit any situation the client wants e.g. testing the knowledge of the ‘slingers and signallers’, the role responsible for hooking up crane loads and communicating with the driver to move it safely.

These products potentially gives us a glimpse into the future of construction. It aims to improve on-site health and safety behaviour by delivering a virtual site experience based on actual project models using a headset and video game technology. Activities can be benchmarked and situations adapted to individual needs. By putting the “wearer” into the actual experience of witnessing potential site accidents, it is hoped that this will change behaviour compared to traditional training.

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Source: CIOB

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