Triple Zero Vision for Thames Tideway Project

The Thames Tideway project team has set an ambitious vision of having a Triple Zero vision which will see zero harm, zero incidents and zero compromise which will underpin its transformational health & safety performance.

The director of HSSE at the project said “if we don’t do something fundamentally different to what is currently happening in our industry, we will have fatalities, we will have RIDDORs, we will have high impacts of health incidents, and we will have lots of minor accidents and near misses and that can’t be allowed to happen.”

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The Thames Tideway project has an innovative induction and safety programme, both of which will inform the workforce of the team’s expectations and the safety culture across the gargantuan development.

The director of HSSE further informed that the programme involves very early safety engagement (EaSE), so understanding exactly what the aspirations are and the things which the team is looking to achieve as part of the project, but more importantly it is to gain feedback from different teams very early on to help shape and develop the programme based on their experiences.

Source: SHP Online