Onsite tracking of time is as important as keeping track of budget

It’s early morning, people are coming and going. You’ve managed to get your first coffee and glance at your emails. You’ve tried to keep track of who’s come and gone onsite – but already the spreadsheet isn’t up to date, or someone forgot to write their name down on the sign in sheet. Now you have to stop everything and do a headcount.

Admin is a huge time drain for every business, but is especially time draining on large projects. It takes experienced professionals away from their important tasks. For every minute spent chasing paperwork, money is being lost on the project. Not only that, if you don’t have a good idea of who is coming and going, this can create issues with security, health & safety and risk of theft.

Tracking Time is as Important as Tracking Budget
Tracking the time onsite of your contractors and staff is important as keeping an eye on the overall project spend. Keeping costs down across the whole project is vital for project managers and their company. A key area for increased costs is staff wage, and this is also a huge area of potential abuse. If you’re using pen and paper to track hours, staff can easily round up their time on site, which over a period of weeks and months quickly adds up.

Mosaic monitors time & attendance through its Tally system – one scan in and one out is all your need workers to do.

The Mosaic Tally System has been designed to reduce these problems and concerns for project and site managers. In case studies, we have seen as much as 10% savings can be achieved when paying wages as removes element of human error and potential fraud out of the equation. 10% is a huge margin even on a small project, let alone a large project.

A Solution That Fits Your Unique Site Needs
You need a simple solution that’s easy to install and implement into your current procedures. New tracking technology is one of the easiest ways to start monitoring who’s onsite and employee working times.

A big site may have many entry and exit points, and Mosaic Tally Systems can be placed at as many places as needed. All you then need is a single smart card to tap in and out of the entry point.

This also has huge benefits for a health and safety standpoint. Each smart card keeps a record of the employee and their skills. This means you can track if someone with the certain skills is reporting to the right area.

In the event of a fire, you can use the system as a tally to check off employees. Real time reporting means that you don’t have to mess around trying to get records from staff or add up numbers on a clipboard.

A reduced reliance on spreadsheets, paper and staff’s poor memory is something many businesses strive for – which can all be achieved using our tally system. Read more about the product here.