Has Time & Attendance software finally come of age in the construction sector?

The construction sector more than ever, requires the precise management of the workforce and their work load. As a Project Manager you know it is essential to get the most out of your team, albeit your own workforce or more commonly as is the case on larger projects – contractors.

It is essential to keep track of the workforces’ comings and goings on to and off the site – not only to ensure health and safety messages have been received and understood, but also to ensure time and attendance corresponds with project deliverables and payments.

The manual methods of workforce management are outdated and don’t work without a great deal of administration involvement. Also we need to keeping in mind the management’s demand for instant information required in this fast-paced frenetic industry. To deliver on this need, there is no better choice than to incorporate time and attendance software within the management programs and procedures.

Here’s how time and attendance software has revolutionised the conventional workforce management in the construction industry to date:

  • Allows attendance recording and time keeping on one or more sites across a project.
  • Cost and budget analysis, identifying high cost areas and cutting down on redundant and extra expenditures.
  • Track project progress and performance at regular time intervals to keep up with a sustained growth and productivity schedule.
  • Can be linked to access rights – should workers have a black mark against their record or have not received a particular safety or induction briefing.
  • Allows statistical analysis of open and closed projects in terms of time and efficient completion. This is very useful when planning future projects and costings.
  • Keeping an accurate and error-free recording of each employee for the work done, working hours and overtime, and calculating their wage and compensation as per their recorded data.

This is just a start of technological adoption in the sector, as more cost and time saving innovations enter the industry and revolutionise the way the workforce is managed both onsite and in between jobs.

Mosaic Tally System is an attendance monitoring system designed to take the strain out of construction site access. The system is smart card operated allowing for significant throughput of staff and visitors with a scan of the card. Entry is dependent upon appropriate skills, which are checked against worker records. This innovative system offers the user a cost-effective solution to the complex issue of site access and workforce tracking.