There’s an an App for that – Mosaic has one too!

You can get an App for pretty much anything these days, and Mosaic Management Systems is no IMG_0710different in that respect. Actually we have been offering our mobile app for quite some time now and it has proved really popular with all our clients. They like the fact that is it easy to get hold of from the App Store and works on iOS and Android smart phone operating systems.

We recommend that the smart phone must have Near Field Communication set up. NFC-enabled portable devices can be provided with application software, for example to read electronic cards in our case.

Mosaic is used by the biggest names in the construction industry to manage a range of safety critical and competency issues on major infrastructure sites and projects.  Indeed, Mosaic is sometimes mandated by companies due to the significant role it plays in reducing site health and safety issues, security, improved productivity and time saved.

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