Managing your stock, assets and inspections was never simpler, via this new app!

A new app joins the Mosaic family! We’re proud to announce the launch of Asset, Inspection & Stock Control Manager. It’s a smart app that allows a complete 360 view of all stock and removes the need to use paper-based tracking systems. With apps and cloud based technology, managers can work from their phone which they are more likely to keep track of and not lose whilst onsite.

Removing obstacles and delivering results
Our latest app works on devices supported by Android, so can be used on any smart phone supported by this platform. This means the technology is mobile, lightweight and responsive. Tracking stock on cloud based technology means a reduction in theft and lost tools and stock, as well as less admin time. Updating in real time, this app saves time, hassle and money for busy site managers and staff.

The app and software can be used for all types of materials, including the correct safety clothing and equipment. This means that only qualified site users can access certain equipment, thereby reducing potential hazards and accidents.

Earning its keep and paying you back
Any new technology requires investment, and we’re sure that Mosaic’s Asset, Inspection & Stock Control Manager will repay you quickly. Theft and loss are big issues, especially on large construction sites. A power drill or kango breaker still adds up, and this means you have to replace tools as well as spend time tracking down who used it last. Our app will reduce the time and make staff and contractors accountable for the equipment they use.

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If you’re interested to see how our latest app can save you time and hassle with tracking your equipment, download our product sheet or call us to book a free demo.