The role of access control asset management

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How recommissioning and reusing products can add value for construction companies.

A recent report calling to reduce consumption-based emissions focused on the value of making products last longer. It’s estimated that better use of existing products could save G7 countries nearly 800 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2030 – that’s equivalent to the annual territorial emissions of France and Italy combined.* When looking at this area, what role does access control asset management play?

Encouraging the reuse of products effectively requires a shift in attitudes and behaviours. It has become commonplace to routinely discard products that still work in a quest for something ‘new’ or ‘better’. But at Biosite we actively present customers with the option of reusing our access control hardware – via our asset management service.

Our approach to access control asset management

At Biosite we believe in the quality and longevity of our products and the value of repurposing goods. That’s why more than 85 per cent of our products are currently refurbished and reused as part of our recommissioning process, including access control turnstiles, PODs and cabins, time and attendance boards and fire equipment.

We also believe in delivering the best service for our customers in construction.

Our asset management service helps customers maximise their access control hardware portfolio and redeploy items across sites, as and when they need them. Each customer has an asset register managed by their Biosite account manager; assets are collected at the end of a project; refurbished and serviced as needed; stored in a designated storage area and redelivered to site when required. A monthly report allows customers to track the location and availability of their assets.**

Maximising investment and reducing waste

This approach to quality and service is possible because at Biosite we manufacture goods in-house and have the facilities available to store, service and redeploy assets. This reduces unnecessary production and waste (which helps the environment), whilst maximising our customers’ investment in access control hardware (which provides economic benefit).

Rebecca Sturgeon, Senior Account Manager at Biosite Systems Ltd, explains: “Asset management of access control hardware has many advantages for construction companies, with significant environmental and cost benefits, not to mention the convenience factor of having an asset ready to redeploy.

“As we manufacture products in-house, we have the ability to service and maintain them, along with the facility to store them for our customers. Our access control hardware has been built to last. We constantly evolve and refine our products to ensure they are robust and offer longevity. There simply is no need to purchase new equipment for every site if there is a perfectly good piece of kit already available in your asset register.

“Alongside the environmental benefits of making better use of existing products, it’s common for our asset management customers to achieve substantial savings across their portfolio, often in the tens of thousands of pounds. The cost of servicing an existing asset is significantly less than purchasing new and when you factor that across a volume of sites, it quickly adds up.”

Biosite Asset Management is included as an added value service for Framework and Enterprise level partners and available to all Biosite customers as an optional service.

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* WRAP | Seven Steps Towards Net Zero Summary

**Standard service, delivery and collection charges are applicable. Monthly report included for Enterprise level customers