Asset tagging with RFID technology has always shown strong payback figures

An article, published a while ago back in the July/August 2012 edition of Maintenance and Asset Management magazine’ looks at: ‘benefits of automation using RFID’, ‘RFID asset management’ and ‘RFID versus barcode’ within the maintenance and asset management sector. Even way back then what is of interest is that the article shows that payback on most RFID technology investments can be a year to eighteen months or less.

It concludes by advising the use of RFID tags in one area first and start the culture change of using handhelds instead of paper. Track, measure and document benefits and roll out to other areas of your business step by step. On a construction project then this could simply be the stores area.

Depending on the size and requirement, different companies will reap different benefits from RFID. For some, making an immediate impact on budgets will be the key driver: for others, it will be Health and Safety driving the agenda.

We have developed a ‘calculator’ to help you accurately assessing the cost of using this module. We feel it is time you put a figure on all those administration hours put into tracking equipment, stock control and ensuring tools are maintained correctly.

We fervently believe that companies need to use RFID technology to reduce theft, improve health & safety, improve down time and eliminate man hours spent tracking stock and equipment using outdated technology.

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