Reducing paperwork on site for NU living to support safe working practices

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Reducing paperwork on site for NU living, using Biosite’s Digital Forms & Workflows to replicate and digitise paper based processes.



When the team at developer NU living were preparing for sites to re-open following COVID-19 safe working practices, they realised an existing digitisation tool could be utilised to support safe working practices. Specifically, Biosite’s Digital Forms & Workflows tool, which replicates paper-based processes on site using cloud technology – reducing paperwork on site, could be adapted and deployed with the help of Biosite experts to address three key challenges:

  • Effectively adhering to and establishing an audit trail on compliance with industry guidance and checklists
  • Enabling employees on and off site to effectively communicate and collaborate on processes that would traditionally be paper-based
  • Reducing the manual handling of paperwork on site

“Having embraced Biosite’s Digital Forms & Workflows solution as a productivity tool, it was a welcome discovery to realise it would also be invaluable as part of our response to COVID-19 and ensuring safe working practices on site.

“Now, it is helping our teams maintain and boost project productivity, with the added benefit of helping to keep our workforce safe and connected, whether they are working on site or from home.”

Julian Kerby, Operations Director, NU living


Biosite’s Digital Forms & Workflows tool digitally replicates paper-based processes and stores all project information in one place for instant mobile collaboration. This enables Project Managers to have real-time access to site and workforce data and processes via a mobile app, to help eliminate inefficiencies and make targeted decisions, rather than being bogged down with paperwork.

In the age of COVID-19, there is the additional advantage of being able to collaborate digitally across teams (including design and production teams) when many are working off site to support social distancing on site, without compromising on productivity.

Eliminating paper-based processes also has the benefit of minimising manual handling of paperwork on site, to reduce transmission risk.

Working collaboratively, Biosite and NU living have adapted the CITB COVID-19 Site safety checklists and forms to be accessible on the app, so they can be completed quickly and easily, whilst establishing a digital audit trail.

Digitise paper-based forms to maximise efficiency and traceability on site, whilst effectively managing workflows using mobile app technology on your site.

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