Steps to Report a Vulnerability.

Please report any potential or real security vulnerability claim to the Biosite Product Security Response Team via e-mail at

Please encrypt your e-mail with PGP and this public key.

Please include the information below in your e-mail report:

  • First and last name
  • Company name
  • Contact phone number (optional)
  • Preferred e-mail contact
  • General description of vulnerability
  • Product containing vulnerability (hardware and software versions) and part numbers
  • Tools, hardware and other configurations required to trigger the event
  • Any security or service pack updates applied
  • Document instructions to reproduce the event
  • Sample code, proof of concept or executable used to produce event
  • Definition of how the vulnerability will impact a user including how the attacker could breach security on-site
  • Affected product
  • System details
  • Technical description and steps to reproduce
  • PoC (link)
  • Other parties and products involved
  • Disclosure plans/dates/drivers
  • What was the purpose and scope of research being performed when found (context)?