PPE management software: improve safety and control costs on construction sites

With PPE management software site managers have an effective tool to improve safety, facilitate asset tracking and control costs on their construction sites.

With so many risks and hazards on construction sites, managing PPE effectively plays an important role in keeping construction workers safe. PPE is essential to protecting the operative. As well as helping prevent serious injury and improving occupation health. This is particularly the case on complex projects with high-risk zones, where specialist PPE may be required.

The construction industry continues to have the highest number of fatalities in the workplace (Health & Safety Executive*).  During 2023, there were 45 recorded fatalities. An increase of 10% from the previous year (HSE Statistics). Alongside fatalities and injuries on site, there is also the risk of occupational health factors that impact the construction industry, including respiratory diseases from exposure to asbestos and silica dust*.


Biosite ASSA ABLOY operative appManaging PPE assets digitally

PPE management software for construction ensures all assets are effectively tracked by creating a digital record for each worker that logs what PPE and other equipment they have been issued and when.  Whilst traditionally this was a manual task, managing PPE and assets digitally provides an instant, accurate insight into PPE usage. 

It’s easy for items to go missing without accurate records.  PPE issued to operatives may be incomplete or not readily available. This can pose a risk to worker safety on site, but also potentially impact compliance and costs – if replacement PPE is being purchased on a regular basis.

Biosite has partnered with Work Wallet to provide simple and effective PPE management software solution,  controlled via mobile. When operatives are assigned PPE items, they can be simply and easily logged in the system. 

Benefits of PPE management software 

By utilising the PPE Manager system’s full range of features, sites can:

  • Improve safety
    By ensuring that operatives have the right PPE to safely perform their assigned task and activities and logging issued assets against the worker’s record.
  • Effectively track PPE and other assets
    By tracking who is issued PPE or other assets (e.g. hand tools) site managers can instantly report on PPE stock levels and account for missing or non-returned items.
  • Control costs
    With an accurate overview of current PPE stock, re-ordering can be made more efficient by reducing the need to replace items unnecessarily.


PPE management on the Thames Tideway project

How Tideway East saved 25% in PPE and small tools costs

In the heart of London, the monumental Thames Tideway project is a 25-kilometre tunnel that aims to protect River Thames from further pollution. Due to the size of the project, managing and overseeing the safety of more than 8,000 workers across multiple sites, along with the control of PPE, presented significant challenges. 

Head of Safety and Wellbeing at Tideway East, Andrew Brown, emphasised the need for outstanding organisation in managing the site’s workforce.


Additionally, it was crucial to manage PPE stocks to stop increasing costs, a problem that affects the construction sector frequently.

PPE and small tools from stores were effectively tracked using all functions of the PPE management software from Biosite. Any equipment requiring training before use was logged and regulated, giving the project team the ability to trace the usage. The also system ensured operatives were made responsible for PPE and tools taken from stores.  

As a result, Tideway East has saved up to 25% in PPE and small tools cost in comparison to other Tideway projects that haven’t use the management system. 

If you’re not using a
PPE management software solution on your construction projects, our team would be happy to discuss your challenges and provide a demo of our mobile solution.

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