Mosaic wholeheartedly supports HSE’s campaign ‘Go Home Healthy’ via HealthCheck module

As HSE (Health & Safety Executive) launches its Go Home Healthy campaign, Mosaic is proud to support this endeavour with the announcement that our HealthCheck module is now accessible via the SkillPass App on smart phones.

With 9 million working days being lost last year to Musculoskeletal Disorder and a further 12 million to stress – we must take the health of the workforce seriously states the campaigns main message. The construction industry is particularly prone to a workforce needing further support due to the physical and mental pressures placed on the workers in the sector.

Mosaic HealthCheck helps Occupational Health employees to perform and monitor checks on fit-for-work medical records on its workforce using a secure platform. The new app driven service can be a useful reminder for management and medical/health team members to monitor and manage occupational risks.

The HealthCheck module accessible via the SkillPass app will help support the rollout of the campaign, reduce the risks associated with mental health breakdowns, and monitor staff who may need extra support. This saves a considerable amount of time spent chasing paperwork and forms, and cuts down on paperwork for employers and construction companies. Follow the conversation further on Twitter @ #WORKRIGHT