Mosaic tackles fraud and increases productivity

Mosaic has established themselves as the number one in their market-place as a construction, project and site management Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and business intelligence company utilising smart technologies.

On initial deployment of Mosaic on a major UK construction project, Mosaic software and smart technology was quickly able to uncover fraudulent industry cards which were being used on that site, enabling the contractor to take action to protect the integrity of that project.

Mosaic is a unique competency management system that has the ability to provide one solution for both singular or multiple sites that can stand-alone or integrate with other systems such as CSCS. Mosaic provides a comprehensive Network Passport that encompasses all competency records, across a variety of multi-disciplinary sectors. Mosaic focuses on optimising safety, security and productivity by using a range of Mobile Technology, Biometrics, Access Control and Smart Cards to record and report on site workers’ competencies.

Mosaic manages qualifications, ongoing assessments, inductions, professional development and training, resulting in overall improvement of efficiency and productivity.

Mosaic has an impressive re-subscribe rate with industry leading construction companies on small and large projects, showing that its essential products are vital to their clients overall induction, compliance, fraud detection and operational processes, thereby saving them time, money and reducing accidents through improved health and safety.

Mosaic ensures clients have the most effective solution for having the right people with the right skills at the right time, resulting in enhanced efficiency and minimal competency issues.

To benefit from our smart technologies, protect your project and your workers, visit Mosaic at or call us on Tel: 1509 269 669.