The Mosaic SkillPass App puts the smart phone center stage, supporting worker safety throughout the build

With inductions to consider, stock to monitor, and site staff to manage – there’s a lot of processes and paperwork involved. On a good day paperwork isn’t an issue, but when a process or step is missed, you risk a lot. From issues with safety and wellbeing of staff and contractors, to going over budget, poorly maintained processes have the potential to wreak havoc.

It’s your job as a Project or Health & Safety Manager to ensure safety in the workplace, and you can’t achieve that with messy systems.

Keeping Workers Safe and Saving Money
The Mosaic SkillPass App is the solution to keeping all of the parts of a construction site moving, keeping projects on time and on budget. Compliance is essential, so using new technology is the way forward to achieve this.

The Mosaic SkillPass App works on all smartphones which replaces the need to buy expensive hardware that can be lost or damaged. As phones are an integral part of the workplace, an app makes sense.


Flexible Online Systems
The App gives you access to all the Mosaic modules to deliver a tailored and seamless solution to all sites and projects. Streamlined and easy to use, minimal training is required for staff to be safer and more productive.

The app allows you to do the following with ease (used with our supported products):

● Fatigue management and assessment
● Stock and equipment control
● Monitor worker access rights
● Check staff competencies and skills

The key benefits:
● Saves Project Management staff time messing around with data input and spreadsheets
● Updates across all devices on the cloud- instant access to up to date information
● Ensure compliance across many aspects of a construction site
● Easily to install on smartphones – just go to the App Store and download
● Produces reports which can help show important trends which could be missed on paper based tracking systems

Ask us for a demo to see how the Mosaic SkillPass App could improve your workflows and save time and money on projects.