Mosaic platform delivers ‘Big Data’ opportunities in construction health & safety arena

‘Big Data’ refers to extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. snip_20170126154820BIM is already providing such a platform to aid build times and management of costs. But what is out there to monitor the workforce and safety management. Currently there is not a lot on the market, but hope does exist in the form of Mosaic Management Systems suite of products.

More and more of our construction clients are looking at safety through a Big Data lens to change best practices that make work sites safer and healthier. Through detailed analysis of the information provided by our ‘smart card’ cloud based system, construction companies are able to better assess hazards, for contractors and permanent employees alike.

Below is an infographic depicting Mosaic’s data collection levels realised over the last couple of years. The size of some of the numbers involved, just goes to show the possibilities for ‘Big Data’ that will manifest themselves over the next five years:



By installing systems such as Mosaic on projects then Construction companies can generate massive amounts of project data, especially if they’re working on more than one project. A cloud based system such as this frees up big data possibilities as it transcends projects, working at a group or super Joint Venture level.

One smart card to manage all site worker competencies
One smart card to manage all site worker competencies

Currently, Big Data is still in the early days of development, but as it evolves it will become more widely adopted by construction businesses looking to generate a competitive edge.

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