Smart rugged phones for smart site management solutions

The ‘rugged’ phone market, primarily targeting tradespeople,  is forecast to account for around 18 million handset sales from a global predicted overall figure of 1.5 billion in 2016. This segment still represents a sizable profit for handset producers and other entrants. To stretch their brand further Caterpillar and DeWalt have their own version on the market, alongside the likes of iPhone who have produced a tough case for trades people in this space.

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The BBC recently tested out the 4G-enabled Tuffphone 400, another popular brand, on a building site and found it could receive calls under water after several minutes of being submerged and survive a tumble around in a cement mixer full of sand. After these ordeals it could still make calls and get online after being dropped from scaffolding over 2m high. However they were advised by the retailer that it would not withstand “a direct blow from a hammer”.

Mosaic’s array of site solutions can either work off a PDA or a smart phone provided it is on the Android, iOS or Windows platform. Should your work phone have the facility for ‘Near Field Communication’ (NFC) or a camera incorporated then it will be able to read our smart card, barcodes and RFID tags used in conjunction with our applications. This means when you are out on site giving a Toolbox Talk simply use your own smart phone – but please make sure it is a rugged one to ensure it survives the rigours of site work!

Mosaic Management Systems provides health and safety compliant site management software that offers you an online and flexible solution to on boarding, competency management, access control, asset management, stock control, fatigue management and toolbox talks.

Source: BBC article

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