Mobile and cloud based is the way for construction to go!

Mobile technology and cloud-based solutions are now altering the way things are done in the construction industry. A study conducted by Associated General Contractors found that

The app is centralising documentation

almost two out of three (59%) construction contractor companies already use or plan to use the cloud to enhance their businesses. This take up is only going to grow in the following years. Cloud based solutions allow construction companies to avoid many start-up costs as well as decrease daily costs when utilizing such mobile technology.

Here are some ways to scale your construction firm with mobile technology: 

Streamline manual processes

Mobile technology allows your workforce to be considerably more productive through elimination of time-consuming manual processes that require paper documentation. Workers are now better able to fill out reports and communicate with colleagues across a project. This not only improves their productivity while on the jobsite, it also saves them time returning to HQ to lodge documents.

Improves internal communication

Mobile technology not only allows for seamless communication between all parties involved, but also bridges the gap between the field and the office. This reach ensures that everybody is on the same page and eliminates the lag of communication flow that comes from using outdated systems. Mobile technology also allows the project manager or any other stakeholder to check the status of an ongoing project and see the most updated information available.

Improve communication externally

The subcontractor not only has to communicate with his own team but also with external parties. Mobile technology allows the subcontractor to be in constant communication with all parties at any given time. This immediacy of communication helps the subcontractor to make faster, more informed decisions that will contribute to a project’s overall productivity.

Centralised documents

Mobile and cloud technology also stores all documents in a centralised database. Your construction team will no longer waste valuable time searching for or recreating paper documents that have gone missing.

Standard documents

Mobile technology also allows your team to have standardised documents at their fingertips at all times.

In conclusion, the cloud and mobile technology allow construction firms of all sizes do the very most with the amount of resources available to them.

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