London games raised the health & safety bar compared to Rio

The Rio Games have big shoes to fill following the London Olympics, which was statistically the safest Games ever, with a reported injury rate of 0.17 per 100,000 man-hours – far below the 0.55 building industry average in the UK. London 2012, for the first time in Olympic history, saw all projects completed without a fatality.

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By contrast, 11 workers died during construction of Rio Olympic facilities or Games-related projects between January 2013 and March 2016, a report by Rio de Janeiro’s Regional Labor and Employment Office shows. The causes of death vary from electric shock to falling scaffolding. There were also cases of workers being buried and vehicles overturning.

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While Rio will be a success, even though it has been plagued with bad news up until the opening ceremony, we must credit London by setting the bar high in terms of its green and health & safety credentials.

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Source: SHPonline