Keeping track of tools, plant, stock and PPE just became a whole lot easier

There’s no bigger frustration for Site Managers and contractors to go looking for a piece of equipment to find that it’s missing. No one seems to know what happened to it, and the job is delayed for a few hours or even days until the tool can be replaced. Time and money is lost time when equipment goes missing. Site managers need to manage their budgets carefully, and paying out for new tools and equipment is the last thing they need on their busy workloads.

Asset taking on site
One swipe is all you need. All your tools, plant, stock and PPE tracked

Technology comes to the rescue
There are a few ways Site Managers can look to address these issues. They can introduce a paper or spreadsheet based system to track who has which tool. We’d disagree with this approach, it produces too much paperwork and isn’t accurate and easy to update across a single platform.

Asset tagging combined with RFID technology provides the best solution for busy sites with dozens of contractors and stakeholders. Efficient systems produce cost savings and reduce other concerns with health and safety.

How does asset tagging and RFID work?
The concept is simple, and is easily applied to to new and ongoing projects and systems. Stock and equipment can be marked with barcodes or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags and then scanned with a PDA (personal digital assistant). Our systems are cloud based and so updates are made instantly, saving time on paperwork. Reduced errors means equipment can be checked in and out and if anything goes missing, can be tracked down quickly to the last person logged against that item.

Implementing this new technology onto busy sites
Incoming deliveries can be scanned using the PDA so stock levels can be carefully managed across several devices. It can take a lot of effort to get all levels of your organisation using these new systems. A simple and effective place to start can be with your stores area and tool station. Ensure that a full log of all tools and equipment is taken, then start checking tools in and out. As site staff see this is being implemented, it will be easier to then roll out the technology to other functions such as site inductions.

The long term payback of asset tagging and RFID
We understand that costs are a huge factor in choosing new systems, but it is also time that is important to factor in. We created a simple online calculator which shows the amount of money your construction project could save with implementing asset tagging and RFID technology.

We think asset tagging can really help reduce issues with theft on-site of expensive equipment and help you to better track and monitor tool usage and stock. Accidents could be prevented if only staff with certain clearance can use certain tools for their tasks.