Importance of Induction Training for new starters

One of the most at-risk groups when it comes to the potential for accidents or incidents are new starters at the place of work. This can be new starters or existing employees moving within the company.

The category of ‘new starters’ can be further broken down into people who already have experience of working in the particular industry, or young people who have little to no experience of working either in any workplace, or in the particular environment they now find themselves in, for example an apprentice working on a construction site as their very first taste of work since leaving college.

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Induction training is particularly important for young new starters as they will in all likelihood not have received any formal work related training before.

In respect to the construction industry, when an operative first starts on a new project, he/she needs to have proper induction training which will make him/her aware of the work, what is required of him, specific risks, dangers and hazards that are present or may be encountered whilst going about their duties in their new role. Not only is there a risk of an accident or incident befalling them personally, but they also need to know how to work safely to avoid endangering a fellow worker or member of the public who may be nearby or visiting the premises.

Induction training is not only in the interests of the company itself, either from a moral or financial point of view (compensation claims or lost days can be extremely expensive to the firm), but employers also have a legal requirement to ensure workers are given proper introduction to work training, especially a health & safety induction.

Using industry standard competency and compliance software will help provide employers with the right induction management tools to ensure the training is done in a more productive and structured way than ever before. Mosaic Management Systems provide a competency model which completely streamlines the induction process, by allowing inductees to book themselves onto the inductions prior to coming on site.

Mosaic provides the required tools that are essential in ensuring that site workers are qualified for the jobs they are performing.

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