HS2 Hackathon Success

A team from Biosite, in collaboration with Costain, took part in the recent HS2 Hackathon event and triumphed as the overall winners.

Transport Systems Catapult’s HS2 Hackathon was a two day event that took place on 8th and 9th December. It brought together leading technical innovators from across Britain all tasked with pitching radical new ideas for how technology could revolutionise key aspects of the HS2 rail project. In total 17 teams participated, putting forward their solutions relating to a range of challenges that the development of HS2 will face.

The team from Biosite and Costain, called Mercury, focused on the challenge of wellbeing. They proposed how the competency, training, fatigue and general welfare of a workforce on a construction site can all be managed through intelligent biometric access control. Biosite’s unique operative profile platform and biometric linking enables the effective tracking of every member of a workforce from site to site. This efficient match would provide real-time analysis with multi-layer trigger factors, uniformed compliance management, and flexibility with instant updates. All this means that workforces can be centrally monitored to ensure that health, safety and security is optimised.

Working with Biosite on the Mercury team was Kevin Reeves of Costain. He provided a valuable contribution and it was the combined efforts of everyone that led to the win on the day.

Li Wang, Managing Director says, ‘There were some great teams with great ideas on the day, so the fact that we came out as the overall winner is a fantastic result for us. We started this business 7 years ago to support construction sites with their workforce management using our innovative solution, and it’s great to see that future projects like HS2 are recognising the benefits of such technology moving forward.’

Biosite uses its technical expertise to provide a range of integrated solutions that have been specifically designed to help manage, monitor and maximise safety and security on construction sites, all delivered to customers’ individual requirements. For more information, please contact info@biositesystems.com.