Help with costing your Inductions for construction sites

A study by the Institute for Work & Health (2012) found that the higher risk of work injury among new workers has persisted over the past ten years. This suggests sites need to do more to ensure new workers get the training and supervision they need to stay safe on the job. Ignoring these findings may be cheaper in the short run, but could lead to claims against a company should an accident occur and health & safety has not been explained clearly from the outset.

In addition to monetary implications, there is a productivity argument around providing the correct information to workers so they can hit the ground running on a project. An informed worker will be a more productive worker, particularly when they are finding their feet at the start of a project.

Mosaic operates in the construction sector, where inductions are vital to help and inform new workers coming onto projects and sites. In this environment, having a competent induction program means having compliance with Health and Safety and employment legislation. We have developed an ‘induction calculator’ to help you accurately assessing the cost of pulling together an induction programme. We feel it is time you put a figure on all those administration hours put into getting the right people to the induction class using a paper or spreadsheet system.

Induction calculator

We fervently believe that companies need to develop a detailed induction strategy for sites and projects utilising online software. Plan a comprehensive induction programme and consider what information your new workforce will need to thrive, above and beyond health & safety hazards.

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