How is your Fatigue Management Policy working for you?

In a recent article in SHP online Clinton Horn, a Health & Safety Manager at BAM Nuttall Ltd, provides a really insightful look into why a lot of organisations’ fatigue management policies do not go far enough to manage the underlying causes.

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He scrutinises the available academic literature and interrogates a useful model to gauge fatigue issued entitled the Fatigue-risk trajectory model. Early in his article he concludes that fatigue management in the workplace often proves challenging for employers and, therefore, often results in “aspirational” fatigue management policies, at best, when compared against the evidence-based literature.

We welcome this kind of article that analyses the subject matter in depth and brings Fatigue Management in the construction industry to the attention of a wider audience. Mosaic has a Fatigue Management module which can bolt onto its system. When used in conjunction with access control systems, it will enter start and finish times. Using the available data, the system will instantly alert the management team by identifying any employees who are at risk of fatigue or have already breached certain controls, such as double shifting.

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