Fatigue as an Issue in Rail Industry

Fatigue can be defined fairly simply as extreme tiredness which affects one’s ability to concentrate and work effectively.

Why Fatigue is under-reported in the Rail Industry?

There is no doubt that fatigue is grossly under-reported through conventional reporting channels. Train drivers are less likely to report fatigue through company channels, because there is often a fear that if they have a safety incident, it may indicate personal lifestyle habits are to blame. The contribution of fatigue to signals passed at danger (SPADs) in investigations tends to be understated for the same reason – admitting fatigue immediately implies culpability.

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Some of the rules in rail industry state that an operative should not be able to work 14 consecutive days or are only allowed to work certain maximum hours per week. Measuring an operative’s working hours is difficult and rarely one can find a system which can provide unadulterated and accurate details.

To help to address this, the HSE now provides a tool that can be used on site to deliver a fatigue and risk rating based on attendance, shift times and the complexity of a task.


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Mosaic’s Fatigue Management Module:

Mosaic has integrated the HSE tool into a Fatigue Management module and when used in conjunction with an access control system can provide truly accurate fatigue data.

Using the available data, Mosaic system will instantly alert the management team by identifying any employees who are at risk of fatigue or have already breached certain controls, such as double shifting.

Fatigue factor can be tricky as employees or contractors can sometimes overwork in order to achieve their targets, however, they might also risk inefficiency or accidents in work due to tiredness. Keeping an account of hours of work of mission critical employees is vital in order to make sure they are not doing work over their contractual hours. Mosaic is a proven solution to managing fatigue and to making sure operatives are working at optimum efficiently.

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