EN54 Certified Mercury Wireless Fire and First Aid Alarm



We’re delighted to announce that our Mercury Wireless Fire Alarm has been independently verified and tested to meet the relevant sections of the EN54 fire detection and fire alarms systems standard.

Unlike other products in the market, the Biosite Fire Alarm comes with two distinct advantages:

  • It’s the first in the industry with an integrity check
  • It’s the first Fire Alarm that has been tested in this way incorporating First Aid Call Points

Our R&D team used their knowledge and experience to create the next generation Mercury product, which was purposefully designed to meet the requirements needed for the standard. Although we aren’t the first in the industry to manufacture a certified product, we have gone the extra mile to ensure important extra features are included. Unlike other similar products, our Fire Alarm runs a regular integrity check to confirm that all units are constantly online and working correctly, providing that extra level of safety. In addition, due to the way that our product was tested, a site can have First Aid Call Points included with the Mercury Fire Alarm and it will still be EN54 rated.

Li Wang, Biosite Managing Director, says, “I’m really proud of how hard our R&D team has worked on this. Adding in the integrity check was not easy, but we felt that to provide our customers with a product that offers the greatest level of safety, it was an area we couldn’t exclude. Further to this, the Fire Alarm is feature rich, offering customers a range of extra options that can meet the requirements of any construction site.’



Find out more about our EN54 Wireless fire alarm and how it could help you keep your site safe. Or you can contact us, or your Biosite representative direct to book a demo today.

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