Online induction software to guide site contractors through the induction process

Getting contractors inducted is certainly a challenge. This challenge is twofold. Firstly, getting them booked onto induction courses can prove timely and secondly delivering the correct information can be crucial to the success of an initial start of a project.

Yet most contractors spend less time with you than your own employees, but they are as important in terms of profitability and productivity as your own staff.

You want them to hit the ground running just like your own workforce, which means spending time inducting them about projects and health & safety they need to be aware of while on those jobs. Replacing contractors is costly, and companies are now getting more and more savvy about adopting technology to help them ensure project run smoothly. Once such technology is contractor online induction software.

Developing a consistent approach to inducting both your contractors (and employees) is a step in the right direction to making a good impression upon your contractor. Online induction software can help you to better achieve this by:

• Embedding a health and safety culture

• Communicating your values and the way you like to work
• Document all necessary worker paperwork. Evidence can be uploaded by the contractor. The onus is on them to provide and chase their own workers for this.
• Bring new hires up to speed quickly
• Establish communication lines between the organisation and new employees
• Help retain workers for longer

Part of this consistent approach should be an appreciation by the Manager that different sets of workers will require different information to perform their role. Therefore, the induction must be tailored to suit these differing groups needs. Some factors to consider are:

• Roles and tasks
• Location
• Language
• Risks and Job Hazards

Some companies will use spreadsheets to create such groupings. This can be tiresome and confusing, but it does work. However, induction software is a much better option as it is online and more importantly it ensure the right information is disseminated to the right groups.