Check CSCS cards the SMART way

The danger of construction card fraud is well documented and the CSCS has been urging employers to carry out electronic card checks prior to allowing workers on site for several years. By checking CSCS cards electronically, employers can be confident that operatives on site have the right qualifications and training to do the job safely. CSCS is urging employers to help tackle card fraud and take advantage of the benefits offered by using the CSCS SmartCard.

Benefits that CSCS SmartCard technology can offer

CSCS partner with IT firms who provide software and solutions that can be integrated with the CSCS SmartCard.  Only companies which have adequately demonstrated how their solutions benefit construction contractors or clients may become CSCS IT Partners.

Biosite, a CSCS IT Partner since 2011, provides access control and workforce management systems designed specifically to address the complex challenges of the construction industry. It utilises state of the art biometric and wireless technology to provide a secure and reliable, yet flexible and affordable solution for today’s ever increasing health and safety needs on construction sites.

Benefits of Biosite’s access control system

  • Scan CSCS SmartCard chip and import CSCS SmartCard and photographic information
  • Access is only granted once biometric identification and CSCS accreditations are checked and verified
  • Site access based on accreditation information coupled with unique biometric information
  • Automatically lock operatives out of construction site if their cards are fake or their accreditations have expired
  • Ability to prove only inducted and accredited individuals have been granted access on to site
  • Accurate time and attendance reporting
  • Rapid biometric matching in less than one second resulting in faster throughput
  • ‘Near Miss’ data capture and ‘Toolbox Talks’ recording using biometric registration
  • Unique ability to de-duplicate profiles using biometric identification across multiple sites.

CSCS Communications and Public Affairs Manager Alan O’Neile said: 
“CSCS believes that for construction sites to remain safe and productive all workers should have the correct qualifications and training for the type of work they carry out. This was one of CSCS’s primary objectives when introducing the electronic SmartCard in 2010. The CSCS SmartCard provides a simple and cost effective way to tackle fraud and verify that workers hold the correct qualifications and training before allowing them on site.”

Surveys have confirmed many employers and contractors are still not taking advantage of the available technology, with many sites still relying on flawed visual card checks and time consuming paper based systems.

Alan O’Neile continued: “The technology embedded in a CSCS card is free to use and allows a site manager access to a wealth of information about each worker, including their qualifications. By simply placing the card in a reader or onto a compatible device such as a tablet or smartphone you can instantly check the cards validity and the qualifications held by the card holder.”

Biosite’s Managing Director adds,
 “Biosite’s biometric access control system, integrated with CSCS SmartCards, has completely transformed workforce management and security within the construction industry as site managers are now able to accurately monitor how many workers are on site at any given time and can also permit or restrict access more efficiently – ensuring only CSCS accredited and trained personnel are on site.”

Biosite’s integrated suite of products include: Biometric Access Control, Wireless Fire Alarms, Online Induction, Delivery Management, CCTV, Corporate Reporting and Manned Guarding.