Significant time savings for construction demolition contractor

“Biosite’s combined solution is fantastic. The online induction tool is reliable, user-friendly and saves significant time on site. Together with the innovative access control system, it gives us complete visibility of the workforce and ensures everybody is accountable in the event of an emergency.”
Cameron Enticott, site manager, John F Hunt

Providing a wide range of services to construction companies, John F Hunt recognises the importance of site efficiencies and rigid safety procedures. After winning a tender to deliver land remediation and demolition work at the site of the former Ironbridge Power Station in Shropshire, the site team knew that any marginal gains would be critical on a challenging, complex project.

The 350-acre site is being redeveloped by Harworth into a mixed-use development comprising 1,000 new homes, alongside a range of commercial, leisure and community uses. John F Hunt was engaged for phase two of the works, tasked with land clearance and decontamination within a tight project timescale.

Drawing on his own experience of the technology from previous projects, site manager Cameron Enticott knew that time savings could be made and the workforce managed effectively by taking advantage of Biosite’s solution, offering a tailored approach combining online inductions with biometric access control.

Faster inductions and reliable workforce data

Biosite’s innovative Online Induction technology provides an automated and digital solution that speeds up the induction process whilst supporting safety and compliance.

John F Hunt’s own team at Ironbridge and subcontractors are sent a link to complete inductions online before arriving at site. The site manager then spends around 20 minutes completing the process on site, instead of two hours to deliver a full induction.

Once inductions are complete, operatives access the site using innovative biometric (fingerprint) technology and records are stored on a tablet, operated by the site security guard.

The digital process not only improves efficiency, but – together with biometric time and attendance boards provided by Biosite – also provides a reliable register of who is on site for enhanced workforce management, including a real-time head count in case of emergency and for payroll purposes.


Accurate and secure biometric site access control

The system’s unique ‘one person, one profile’ feature delivers 100% accuracy at enrolment, with the ability to match and de-duplicate multiple profiles, which supports GDPR compliance. In addition, it highlights if accreditations such as CSCS cards are set to expire, alerting the site team to remind operatives without having to manually check records.

Biosite also worked with the John F Hunt team to deliver a tailored access control solution, matched to the individual conditions of the complex site.

Due to the vast scale of the site and greater flexibility of the hardware, John F Hunt opted for time and attendance boards instead of turnstiles integrated with the pre-enrolment solution.

Operatives clock in and clock out using a simple LED traffic light system via biometric (fingerprint) access control, for greater accuracy and security.

“It’s a fantastic system. I just send the link by email, safe in the knowledge that operatives are completing their induction online, before finishing off the briefings we need to do on site. When combined with digital time and attendance boards, I know that we have an accurate record of who’s on site at any time, and it has alerted us to a couple of cards that were due to expire too.”
Cameron Enticott, site manager, John F Hunt

Digital record of the workforce: the benefits

With around 30 operatives at Ironbridge, the technology has saved up to 50 man hours by slashing the time required for inductions on site by cutting two-hour inductions down to around 20 minutes.

It eliminates the need for paper files and creates a digital record of the workforce to provide real-time visibility of who is on site and their credentials – all helping to drive efficiencies on this key regeneration project across a vast site, under challenging time restraints.

The introduction of biometric time and attendance boards linked to the workforce management system also ensures John F Hunt can monitor who is on site, for how long, in real time, for complete visibility and enhanced decision making.

Biosite’s combined solution provides a tailored access control and workforce management solution which is suited to the individual site environment.