Mosaic –  The building blocks to safety  

Ensuring safety in the workplace takes a lot of knowledge, paperwork and processes. Everyone involved in construction projects and site management needs to be clued in on health and safety and managing site inductions. With over 30 fatal injuries of construction workers recorded from April 2015 to April 2016, clear guidance on health and safety is paramount. We believe that easy to use systems are the way to save lives and simplify onsite processes.

We’ve made it as easy as one, two, three with our online systems.

1. Run an online site induction which saves time and money and ensures that everyone is aware of the potential and unique hazards before coming onsite
2. Check contractor competencies – you can check that all skills and qualification are legitimate and all in date (CSCS IT partner)
3. Issue a smart card easily to each worker – this allows you to know who is onsite and off site, which saves time on timesheets and counting numbers quickly in case of emergency evacuation.
4. Maintain strict control and management. Equipment going missing is a big issue for busy construction sites and a key area of costs. Our systems ensure you know exactly who has which tool and when. Plan for tool and plant inspections more effectively.

5. Fatigue is a huge risk and can cause fatalities, especially those in critical roles such as crane operators, drivers etc. Monitor staff’s time on site to avoid overwork or double shifts occurring.
6. Keep track of staff health records including drug and alcohol test results. Our password secured records will help you manage your staff’s health as well as alerting you to those who are banned from site due to misconduct.
7. Conduct your daily briefing  and tool box talks efficiently with our products by keeping records of attendance and who did the briefings. This improves accountability without increasing paperwork.
8. Assess key competencies and knowledge in your contractors using Mosaic Perception. Reduce errors which occur from misinterpretation and contractor’s situational judgement. Improve training and knowledge retention and your training ROI.  
Running a construction site requires you to manage your time, your team’s time and spin many more plates. Paperwork gets in the way of doing your important tasks and doesn’t always reduce risks. Electronic and cloud based systems go where you go and help structure your day and provide easy to use reports, helping you and your team do more and stay accountable. A streamlined system prevents accidents and fatalities over the course of a project, which is well worth the investment.