What will the Impact of Brexit on Construction really be?

I think it is fair to say that no one can accurately predict with any great precision what the impact of Brexit will be on the UK just yet, even though we are starting to slowly see data emerge that may give us an indication for the short term. An interesting article by Euan McLeod and Kirsteen Milne working for Shepherd & Wedderburn LLP attempts to unravel what the impact of this monumental decision will have on the construction industry, a crucial sector within the UK economy.

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From a legislative perspective they feel that Brexit is unlikely to cause any immediate change, although in the future it may give the UK more flexibility in relation to its environmental and health and safety legislation in particular. The extent of any changes will be dependent on the nature of the new relationship with Europe and/or membership of the EEA/EFTA, and it remains to be seen how this will impact on workers within the construction industry.

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