Bowmer+ Kirkland: Automating manual processes

2 minutes

“Biosite has provided a solution that removes many of our manual processes. We now have an Access Control and Workforce Management system that ensures I only have the right people on site.”

Mark Blundy, Director of Health & Safety – Bowmer + Kirkland


Each operative on a Bowmer + Kirkland site is given a unique induction code. This method is used to measure or confirm operative inductions and credentials.

The current induction procedure includes an operative having to watch two health and safety videos when they arrive on site, taking up valuable time.

Bowmer + Kirkland used a range of manual systems to handle administrative tasks such as:

  • CSCS card scheme and expiry date compliance
  • FORS & CLOCS compliance
  • BREEAM reporting



Biosite’s biometric Access Control and Workforce Management system was identified for its proven accuracy and reliability, using unique fingerprint scanning technology, developed specifically for the low quality fingerprints found in the construction sector.

The Biosite system captures a wide range of data, allowing for individual traceability of:

  • Time & attendance
  • Credential Management – including CSCS scheme, first aid and fire marshals
  • Confirmation of operative induction
  • Training records
  • Workers’ proximity to site

Bowmer + Kirkland appointed Biosite with the objective of automating all of the manual processes identified.


Biosite’s integrated systems have reduced manual inputting of data in all key areas identified by Bowmer + Kirkland.

Biosite’s Access Control has incorporated Bowmer + Kirkland’s induction code system, allowing for automation and reporting.

Online inductions and pre-registration are now carried out by operatives before arriving at site. Biosite’s tailored credentials report has created a ‘holding pen’, preventing access to those trying to get on site with expired credentials.

The reporting suite creates a proactive solution to managing operatives with credentials due to expire throughout the project.

The Delivery Management Software was implemented to aid with FORS and CLOCS compliance and to help manage all  deliveries.

BREEAM reporting is now automated, as Biosite software identifies operative and vehicle travel distances.


A more efficient, automatic and accurate capture of data means Bowmer + Kirkland can be more confident that the right people are on site at the right time, based on their latest credentials and training.

Bowmer + Kirkland can de-duplicate operatives, so they only ever have one profile for each operative across multiple sites. This creates a ‘safety passport’ linked to each operative’s fingerprint.

90% of an operatives induction is now completed before coming to site, meaning their first day starts quickly.

Manual inputting for all site deliveries has also reduced.