Company Team-Building Event

In keeping with our mission to maintain and improve the quality of service we provide, Biosite held a company team-building event on Saturday 25th June.

On Saturday, 26 members of Biosite staff ventured forth to IPG Paintballing in Hockley Heath to participate in what was to be an energetic and competitive day.

As with all team activities, be it at work or pleasure, the key is to have excellent communication between team members. At Biosite we pride ourselves on listening to our clients needs and communicating that vital intelligence to our developers who can in turn then translate those requirements into products for you.

By utilising their excellent communication skills the game was very closely fought. The winning team led by Biosite Technical Director Greg Reynolds narrowly beat their opposition, headed up by Biosite’s Managing Director, Li Wang.

The event was a fun and challenging experience and very beneficial from a company morale perspective, which will undoubtedly translate into better service for our customers.