7 Reasons why you should use Biometric Access Control at your Construction Site

biometric-access-control-biosite-1pngWe are often asked why you should use Biometric Access Control at Construction Sites.

Read on to discover why … 


Biometric Access Control from Biosite is designed specifically to solve the challenges of construction industry. Biosite’s robust biometric access control system has CSCS SmartCard integration, BREEAM reporting, near miss accident reporting, online induction and delivery management.


Biosite’s biometric recognition is designed specifically to read and process low quality fingerprints. Biosite’s biometric access control system is more accurate than standard fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems or conventional swipe card and PIN based identification systems.


Biosite’s biometric access control system establishes a unique profile for operatives using his/her biometrics. Operatives who register on different sites – with different biographic information – can be recognised and linked by their fingerprint, allowing main contractors to establish a true working history, credential and warning record of the individual.


Biosite’s biometric access control system is designed to be used at project/site level,  whilst allowing the free-flow of data to group level to enable corporate reporting and decision making.


By implementing Biosite biometric access control you will ensure you meet your compliance obligations.

  • Rapidly convey Health & Safety messages through Biosite’s Media Screens.
  • Faster inductions with Online Induction. LLBS (local labour and business scheme) data capture and reporting.
  • The information logged through Biosite’s Delivery Management tool can be reported in its own right, or used by the carbon reporting suite to compute CO2 emissions data necessary for BREEAM reporting.
  • Data held in Biosite can be analysed to help you meet your corporate social responsibility obligations.


Peace of mind from the creation of a secure audit trail, linked to individual operatives, which can be accessed at any time.


No matter what the size or location of your project – there is a solution for you. Biosite have multiple hardware and equipment options including:

  • Full height turnstile.
  • Half height turnstile
  • Access Control Pod, security cabin or turnstile container.
  • Portable tablet with integrated fingerprint reader

Don’t just take our word for it!

Join over 600 construction sites, including: Wates GroupBAMGalliford TryBerkeley St George, Bouygues UK, Willmott Dixon and Quadrant Construction, who are already benefitting from Biosite’s integrated systems: Biometric Access Control / Fingerprint Access Control, Wireless Fire Alarms, Online Induction, Delivery Management, CCTV, Time-lapse, Media Screens, Document Management and Manned Guarding Services.



If you would like to learn more please call 0121 374 2939 or email info@biositesystems.com