BAM Shoreham Viaduct implement Biosite for Security, Fire and First Aid System

BAM Shoreham Viaduct implement Biosite for Security, Fire and First Aid System

The system is a way of receiving data from employees as an aid to create a safer working environment for all.

The system was supplied and installed by Biosite, and comprises of a biometric fingerprint recognition turnstile – although this is not a new technology we have found it already to be a fundamental safety tool for this project, more specifically as a way of knowing who is on the bridge carrying out work in the case of an emergency.

All site personnel and visitors are logged in to the system as part of site induction, they all then have their index fingerprints taken and their CSCS cards are scanned. This brings up their details and they are then prompted to answer a health questionnaire.

This questionnaire gathers data such as whether they are taking any prescription drugs as well as information such as their next of kin contact details etc. When completed they are then authorised to enter the construction side of the site.

On pressing of the fire button the turnstile automatically reverts to a free wheel, allowing the personnel on the bridge to either exit via the turnstile, or one of the two alternative emergency exits.

The system then automatically prints out a list of personnel who have entered through the turnstile – this list can then be used for the roll call in the event of an emergency.

Additionally, the system allows recording of any out of hours site activity, as well as during site working hours – see site monitoring screen.

The system is armed / disarmed at set times, these times are sent weekly to the manned external monitoring station, any activity is picked up by the motion sensors or infrared cameras between these times.

The cameras will prompt the operator to give a verbal warning to the intruders via the speaker system, this prompts a call to the key holder or police if required.

The selling point for this system was the wireless fire / first aid emergency call points(photo previous page), these house two fire extinguishers, a plan of the site showing the various areas covered by each point, and details of the fire and first aid action plan – they are positioned in the site compound and on the bridge scaffold deck.

If the fire button is pressed in area 2, all of the sirens on the emergency points are activated, along with the master in the site office control point, which will also indicate what area the fire is in. All personnel will then evacuate to the muster point for a roll call.

When the first aid button is pressed, the siren will only activate on that call point and in the site office control point, this will give a definitive location for the first aider to attend as the activated point is displayed on the screen.

The general consensus is that this system or one similar should be adopted as a BAMNuttall /Southern Shield standard as it covers all bases.