The automation of site inductions, better helps ensure safety compliance on projects

The majority of senior executives (72%) in regulated companies (from construction to manufacturing) feel that

Site and project inductions will undoubtedly help to mitigate risk faced by new workers

ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements represents one of the greatest challenges they face in their roles. Rather than being bogged down by it, many are turning to automation to free themselves up to better manage their workforce.

In construction, this can start by automating the induction process. Under CDM 2015 all contractors must provide a suitable site or project induction to all staff.  The induction should be site specific and be relevant to the size and scope of the work, and level of risk involved. The following induction topics should be considered:

  • Senior management’s commitment to health and safety.
  • An outline of the project.
  • Management of the site, for example who the site manager is.
  • Site-specific health and safety risks, for example any requirement to work near overhead cables.
  • Control measures on site, for example site rules, vehicle and pedestrian segregation, PPE, temporary electrics, and site restrictions such as delivery arrangements.
  • Dealing with emergencies including first aid arrangements.
  • Accident and incident reporting arrangements.
  • Training details, for example provision of toolbox talks and task briefings.
  • Arrangements for consulting the workforce on health and safety.
  • Individual workers’ responsibility for health and safety.

If automation were to be employed then the principle contractor could remove a lot of administration surrounding this process and store pertinent worker information that can be easily retrieved from the online database. They would be able to run induction online, where workers view a presentation and take quizzes around its content. If it was run offline, then contractors could book themselves onto a convenient date and time slot to suit their employees. Additional documentary evidence of workers could also be uploaded prior to the induction, saving considerably on paperwork and chasing up of this. The final option is a combination of the two, which is becoming more popular on large scale construction projects nationally.

deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two
deliver site inductions online or offline or a combination of the two

At Mosaic, we truly believe that construction companies need to start using automated induction software. Plan a comprehensive induction programme using the above guidance and free yourself up from this regulatory consideration. Use the cost calculator below to help you better envisage costs around your processes: