5 Technology Hacks for Construction Sites

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Managing construction projects and the people working on them day to day is complex and challenging.

Here are some ideas for innovative Project Managers to consider:

1. Reduce the time it takes to carry out an onsite induction by 7%

Have your operatives carry out an Online Induction before they arrive on site. An Online Induction walks operatives through general company health and safety policies, ensuring they have a good basic knowledge prior to arriving on site.
On average, Online Induction has proven to reduce the time it takes to carry out an onsite induction by 7%.

2. Biometric Access Control specifically for Construction sites

More accurate than standard fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems or conventional swipe card and PIN based identification systems. By using biometric access control you will establish a unique profile for operatives using his or her biometrics, meaning operatives who register on different sites with different biographic information can be recognised and linked by their fingerprint.

3. Are your Fire Alarms integrated with your Access Control System?

When used in conjunction with the Biosite Access Control System, market leading wireless fire alarms will enable automatic turnstile release upon alarm activation – allowing for faster evacuation. A roll call report will be automatically printed listing all operatives onsite via subcontractor.

4. Manage your Deliveries and Resources online

Online Delivery Management systems enable the easy booking of deliveries and resources such as cranes, and facilitates the recording of information when deliveries arrive. Subcontractors can pre request a delivery slot and resources, which is then reviewed and approved by site, with full notifications. The information logged through Biosite’s Delivery Management tool can be reported in its own right, or used by the carbon reporting suite to compute CO2 emissions data necessary for BREEAM reporting.

5. Use Media Screens to display real- time Information at a glance

Install media screens at multiple points around a construction site to communicate health and safety messages and key site information to your operatives. Each screen can be configured to display its own media
stream. Content can include: site summary information about hours worked, accident free days and total carbon used, interspersed with health and safety messages and TV news channels.

Display real time information at a glance, such as:

  • Number of top trade & subcontractors on site. Number of operatives on site.
  • Number of First Aiders, Fire Marshalls etc on site.

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