PLENDI by Vinci Construction use Biosite’s wireless fire alarm system

PLENDI has chosen to use Biosite’s wireless fire alarm system to protect its workforce and assets during a major refurbishment.

PLENDI by Vinci Construction is refurbishing a multi-storey building in an elite area of Paris near the Champs Elysées. The project will convert the site into a brand-new high-end hotel.

As with any construction site, health and safety is of primary concern, so PLENDI by Vinci Construction chose to use Biosite’s products to help maximise safety and security on site. Biosite provides access control and temporary fire alarm solutions specifically designed for construction sites.

The fifteen-storey building is being refurbished over a two year period and so a reliable safety solution was needed that could support the site for the duration of the build.

Biosite’s wireless fire alarm offered numerous benefits, such as:

  • Automatic fire detection and call points associated to one base station
  • Call points on trolleys at each staircase
  • Wireless coverage from underground car parks to the rest of construction site and welfare cabins at the same time
  • There was the option to zone the building separately if needed
  • It was all installed and set up in two days
  • Ability to use PLENDI by Vinci Construction’s own fire extinguishers on Biosite trolleys that are branded with signage provided

A wired solution would have cost up to three times the price due to the different phases of the project. Using this wireless solution means all they had to do is move the fire trolleys where they were needed, as the project develops.

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