Pre-registration, online induction and biometric access control for construction sites.

You’ve probably heard of Biosite’s biometric access control system – after all it’s used at over 600 construction sites across the UK, but did you know that even before an operative registers their attendance on site using their fingerprint, Biosite has already been at work streamlining operations for sub-contractors behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at pre-registration, online induction and access control….mockup2-v2-small-blank


Sub-contractors are able to pre-register operatives before they arrive on site, reducing site based registration time and ensuring the consistent capture of vital information such as CSCS, Passport/Visa and ‘Right to Work’.


Online inductions communicate health and safety information to operatives, ensuring site familiarisation prior to arriving on site. Read more

biosite-biometric-access-control-construction-siteBIOMETRIC ACCESS CONTROL

Secure entry and exit to site based on accreditation information coupled with unique biometric verification ensures only inducted workers with genuine and up to date accreditations are granted access to site. Alleviating concerns around Illegal workers, fake documentation (eg CSCS cards) and credential expiry. Smooth and speedy throughput. Accurate time and attendance recording. Read more


Biosite technology establishes a unique profile for operatives using his/her biometrics. Operatives who register on different sites – with different biographic information – can be recognised and linked by their fingerprint, allowing main contractors to establish a true working history, credential and warning record of the individual – making it simple for operative’s to work at multiple sites.

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