CSJV: Biosite delivers 100% conformance through collaboration for HS2

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Working on behalf of HS2, the Costain Skanska Joint Venture (CSJV) was responsible for delivering the South section of the £900million* essential enabling works programme.

CSJV quickly recognised the need for a sophisticated workforce management and access control system, to respond to the complexities of the project and ensure total visibility of the almost 3,500 active workforce across 21 sites.

Having utilised Biosite’s Mosaic solution on previous high profile projects including the A14 and London Bridge, CSJV were confident in its suitability and performance capabilities.

*Total budget for Phase One of the HS2 enabling works programme, including Area South, Area North and Area Central



Biosite’s Mosaic competency management system – which has been developed for linear construction projects – was tailored to respond to CSJV’s specific challenges to capture and analyse data that would be valuable at both a site and corporate level.

Using multiple devices to capture data, the system developed for CSJV provides individual traceability around:

  • Access control (biometric and card access)
  • Online induction
  • Competency management
  • Ethnicity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) data management
  • Fatigue management
  • Time and attendance
  • Safety briefings and toolbox talks
  • Skills checking



Biosite’s Mosaic solution has been deployed at all sites of the South enabling works programme – spanning 26.8km – by CSJV and has been integrated with existing systems to maximise efficiency and performance, whilst reducing potential conformance issues.

A comprehensive profile and real-time movements of each person – including direct employees and sub-contractors – are easily accessible via site and corporate portals. Inductions can also take place online to save time and to allow checks and measures to be completed in advance.

CSJV is now using the system to capture toolbox talks, briefings and a roll call on a mobile application. At a corporate level, the system is being utilised for comprehensive, real-time reporting to analyse key areas including worker competencies, time and attendance and skills gaps.


“Biosite’s Mosaic solution provided vital clarity around an incredibly complex project, which was critical to optimising performance during the HS2 enabling works.”

Allison Cameron, SHE Administration manager, Costain Skanska Joint Venture



Deployment of Biosite’s Mosaic solution has resulted in an unprecedented  0% non-conformances reported at internal audit.

The success of the solution has been a result of the close collaboration between Biosite and CSJV project lead, Allison Cameron, during the development and deployment stages. Allison’s exceptional management of the system has been recognised with multiple internal awards, including an Industry Fire Environment (IFE) and Work Sight award.

Integration with CSJV’s central enrolment system allows approved operatives to travel between sites, with only site-specific inductions needing to be recorded on a mobile device at each location, which also ensures GDPR compliance.

The system has also captured enhanced EDI data, enabling CSJV to respond to increasing demand for visibility around diversity and inclusion.



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