Turnstiles for construction sites: what you need to know

(And the “secret sauce” that makes Biosite special)

If you’ve ever visited a construction site, you’ll instantly recognise one of these.

The turnstile.

These robust rotating pieces of access control hardware are usually found at entrance and exit (access and egress) points on secure construction sites. The turnstile is the centrepiece and gateway for workers with proven credentials to access site; those without appropriate credentials are not permitted to enter. Used in conjunction with the latest identification and data capture technology (via fingerprint or facial recognition biometrics, or RFID card), it is the first step in controlling a safe and secure construction site environment.

How do I choose a turnstile?

Reliability and robustness are key considerations when choosing the right turnstile for your construction site, along with value and sustainability. Biosite believes that design and precision engineering are key in manufacturing high performing, high quality turnstiles. This is why we design and manufacture our own. After experiencing poor reliability and high service costs from outsourced units, the decision was made to bring design and manufacture in-house.

Being in control of the whole process has enabled us to make dramatic improvements in the performance and durability of our turnstiles. Through a continuous improvement process, our latest turnstile is the best yet in terms of longevity and environmental sustainability.

How are turnstiles made?

A turnstile is essentially made up of two parts:

– heavy-duty steel frame
– reliable top-box mechanism.

Biosite takes the steel for the turnstile and our team of experienced welders work their magic to transform this into the frame and rotating spindle (the rotating gate you pass through).  However, our ‘secret sauce’ that makes Biosite turnstiles special lies in the top-box mechanism. The heart of the turnstile. Our current top-box design is the result of many years of continuous development and testing.

An average Biosite turnstile will rotate up to 1,460,000 times per year with little or no maintenance. This is achieved with innovative solutions like replacing mechanical switches with a single optical switch, using fewer moving parts and introducing an anti-tamper cover. Precision engineered and tested; Biosite turnstiles for construction experience a 0.16% fail rate within their lifetime. Their modular design means that, if necessary, the top-box can be replaced without the need to replace the entire frame. The mechanism has also been designed with the aim of achieving a full-service period of a minimum of three years.

Benefits of using turnstiles

Fast and secure site access
Our heavy-duty turnstiles provide robust and secure pedestrian access to site. Access is granted quickly using biometric matching technology that provides real-time data and ensures only competent personnel are allowed on site.

Improved health and safety
Used with access control technology and workforce management software they make it easy to restrict access to site if a worker’s credentials or training has expired. If linked to Biosite’s Wireless Fire Alarm system they go into free spin upon alarm activation, allowing for a safe and swift evacuation.

Cost reduction
Our durable and robust turnstiles require minimal maintenance enabling your site to operate safely and efficiently.

We believe in the quality and longevity of our products and the value of repurposing goods. So far this year more than half of our returned turnstiles have been recommissioned, enabling customers to redeploy access control hardware across sites as and when they need it.

Choosing the right access control solution

Construction sites are unique. They vary in location and size and sometimes it’s not possible to fit a turnstile in. To ensure the right choice access control is made for each project a comprehensive site survey is strongly recommended.

At Biosite, we offer a selection of access control solutions meaning that all types of projects can capture accurate workforce data. It’s also possible to use a combination of options depending on what data needs recording and where on site the device will be used.

Access control solutions include:
– Turnstiles
– PODs
– Time & Attendance Boards
Mobile app – for sites small sites, or where fixed access control points aren’t suitable.

Whether you’re a main contractor or a subcontractor, Biosite can recommend the right access control solution for any type of site, at any stage of the project. If you have a project you would like to discuss, get in touch with our team.