Construction site induction example: McLaren Construction

With McLaren Construction Ltd (McLaren) completing around 13,000 construction site inductions for operatives each year they decided to look into improving induction efficiency and compliance, as their manual and paper-driven process was proving unsustainable.

This time-consuming process – particularly for Site Managers – made it difficult to track and manage completions. Duplications were common and a lot of paper was being unnecessarily used across the business. Paper-based inductions also made it nearly impossible to check who was on site and their credentials at any point and required face-to- face briefings, something McLaren was trying to reduce during coronavirus.

“Biosite Online Induction is an invaluable tool for our Site Managers. It has been a game changer for us, especially with the added challenges of coronavirus.”
Shane Hallam, Divisional Head of Health and Safety at McLaren Construction Ltd

Improving construction site induction efficiency

Biosite’s innovative Online Induction technology transformed the operative induction process with an automated and digital solution, which is operative-led and checked and verified in advance.

McLaren’s company inductions last for three years, which means operatives were often left repeating the induction each time they work on a new site. The business knew that a digital process would not only improve efficiency, but also provide approved operatives with an induction code that they can use to share their verified profile data across sites.


How McLaren Construction improved induction process with Biosite Systems

GDPR compliance and 100% accuracy

The technology works by sending a link to an operative to complete their profile and company induction process before accessing site. The
induction is fully configurable to McLaren’s specific requirements, data fields and training. Once complete, their credentials are verified before approved access status is granted and their biometric information (typically a fingerprint) is captured. Biosite’s unique ‘one person, one profile’ feature delivers 100% accuracy at enrolment, with the ability to match and de-duplicate multiple profiles, which also supports GDPR compliance.

Operatives are automatically locked out of site if their cards are flagged as fake or their accreditations have expired, with optional credential expiration alerts.




There are many demands on a Site Manager’s time and Biosite technology means they have confidence that the induction process is taken care of, with operative information captured and stored securely online, with all skills and qualifications checked and verified. Information is available at the click of a button rather than in a paper file locked away, so they know who is on site, in real time.”

Shane Hallam, Divisional Head of Health and Safety at McLaren Construction Ltd

Significant cost savings

In 2021, 12,970 operative inductions were carried out for McLaren using Biosite Online Induction technology, which saved an estimated 5,980 hours (five hours per site, per week) and generated estimated cost savings in excess of £70,000, compared to carrying out in-person inductions.*

As well as freeing up Site Managers, the system also ensures operative skills and qualifications (such as CSCS card details) are verified before they start work, and reduces costs associated with physical inductions. It eliminates the need for paper files and creates a digital record of the workforce to provide real-time visibility of who is on site and their credentials. At a time when the industry was navigating coronavirus, the technology helped to reduce in-person briefings on site too.

*Calculations based on an estimated five hour saving per site, per week for McLaren personnel to carry out in-person inductions, across 23 sites in 2021.

Biosite McLaren case study_Online Induction