Automating manual processes: Bowmer + Kirkland

Biosite has entered into a new agreement with long-term partner Bowmer + Kirkland that will see further provision of biometric access control and workforce management systems nationwide.  

The agreement follows several years of working together to automate previously manual processes and deliver a reliable, seamless and more time-efficient system for site access control and workforce management. Now Biosite and Bowmer + Kirkland have worked in collaboration to develop a minimum set of requirements that meet company-wide H&S protocols.  

Reducing site admin time with online induction and pre-registration

The access control system incorporates Bowmer + Kirkland’s induction code system, allowing for automation and reporting. Pre-registration and around 90% of an operative’s induction is carried out before arriving at site to save time, with site-specific orientation completing the process.

Our reporting suite also creates a proactive solution to help manage operatives whose credentials are due to expire throughout the project.

We have an access control and workforce management system that ensures B+K only have the right people on site and gives us visibility of data with real-time reporting.
Mark Blundy, Group Director of Health and Safety at Bowmer + Kirkland

Combined hardware and software access control solution

The system uses Biosite’s facial recognition technology, which has been mandated on new projects and installations. A ‘safety passport’ linked to each operative’s facial profile or fingerprint ensures there can only ever be one profile for each operative across multiple sites.  

Hardware solutions range from time and attendance boards in conjunction with a mobile app on minor works, through to pods, cabins, and gates for larger sites.  

“The asset management element is a big advantage too. We were purchasing so much hardware in the form of turnstiles, gates, and boards, moving it from site to site. Now Biosite collects those items and assesses the service requirements so we can use the assets more cost-effectively on the next site.”
Mark Blundy, Group Director of Health and Safety at Bowmer + Kirkland

Biosite’s Delivery Management Software is also included in the total solution, for delivery management and to aid CLOCS compliance checks and carbon reporting. BREEAM reporting is now automated, and use of local labour and suppliers logged as the Biosite software identifies operative and vehicle travel distances.

“Our solution has been tailored to Bowmer + Kirkland’s individual requirements and has proved it can deliver significant efficiencies on site. The team at Bowmer + Kirkland have confidence that the right people are on site at the right time, based on their latest credentials and training.”
Tom Dunn, Account Manager